Alert OC

Alert OC logoEmergency Notification System

The City of Placentia has launched the web-based subscription service called AlertOC to provide real-time information to affected communities in emergencies.


Participants may register their contact information and receive time-sensitive communications, such as evacuation orders, from the City in the event of a natural disaster or emergency.

A distinct feature of AlertOC is the ability to register more than one contact method to a specific address, thus enabling landlines, cell phones, and email addresses to be incorporated into a single notification system.

How It Works

When there is an event requiring community action, authorized officials will record a voice, email, or text message that is delivered rapidly to affected individuals. During an emergency incident, AlertOC has the ability to send three million 60-second voice messages, two million emails, and 360,000 text messages per hour.

For More Information

For more information and frequently asked questions about the program, please visit the AlertOC website.