Zoning Maps

Defining Land Use and Setting Zoning

The Department of Development Services is responsible for updating the City's Land Use Map and Zoning Map. The Land Use Map shows what types of use are allowed within an area. For example, the land uses typically are: Residential, Commercial, Industrial and Open Space, with varying degrees of each type (for example, low density residential or high density residential).

The Zoning Map shows more specifically what is permitted within each zoning district and that corresponds to the underlying land use. For example, within the Residential land use you will find R-1 (low density); R-2 (medium density); R-3 (high density), etc., and C-1 (neighborhood commercial) and C-2 (community commercial) within an underlying commercial land use. For all zoning districts, please see Chapter 23 of the City's Municipal Code which details what types of businesses / structures may be built within a specified zoning district.

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