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Pending Development Projects
The Development Process
Planning Department Picture
The City's Planning Department receives applications from developers and property owners for vacant and underutilized land, and to re-develop existing lots within the City.   It is important to note that the City does not initiate development projects on private property.  Development of private property is generally influenced by the land use designation and zoning code.  For example, the land use designation may be residential, commercial, or industrial for a developable parcel.  Within the residential land use category it may be further defined by low density (< 6 dwelling units/acre), medium density (<15 du/ac), or high density (<25 du/ac).  The zoning code then sets the applicable development standards for the zoning district in which the parcel is located.  (See here for land use and zoning maps.)  The application process varies depending on the type and extent of the proposed development.  Some development proposals are as simple as adding a patio to an existing residence, adding a second story, or adding new square footage to a commercial or manufacturing building.  Other development applications are more detailed and complex, to include multi-building developments which require a greater detail of review by the City, outside agencies and, potentially, discretionary permits by the Planning Commission and City Council.    Not all development proposals require additional discretionary review by the Planning Commission and City Council, but those that do will be the subject of Public Hearings that are noticed to those property owners within 300 feet of the subject property.  For a description of the City's development process please click here. (coming soon!)

Additional resources for undertanding Land Use and Planning:

Understanding Land Use and Planning (pdf file)
The Nuts and Bolts of Project Review (pdf file)
Governor's Office of Planning and Research Guide (website)

For more information, please go to the American Plannng Association's website at

Pending Development Projects
To provide residents and interested parties information regarding potential development projects or those applications currently working their way through the Planning Division, the City will update a "Development Projects List."  The Development Projects List will list those projects that have been submitted to the City for either Staff level review or discretionary permit review (i.e., Use Permit, Variance, Development Plan Review, Development Agreement) by the Planning Commission and, in some cases, the City Council.  To review the most recent list, please click here.

Major Projects
This section will highlight those major projects in the City of Placentia.   A major project is determined based on its overall affect on the City and/or potential affect to a larger neighborhood or community area.  A major project need not be formally submitted nor be a project under the review of the City.  We will attempt to list projects here that are deemed to be of interest to the public.  This section may not include all projects so you are encouraged to review the Development Projects List for submitted applications. 

HQT - 10 Unit Development
The project applicant, Villa Picae LLC, is proposing to redevelop the existing 0.52-acre site with ten (10) residential condominium dwelling units. Two structures are proposed that will include five (5) units in each structure. As illustrated in the Conceptual Site Plan (refer to Exhibit 2-3), vehicular access to the garages of each unit will be provided from Spruce Street via an existing alley on the east side and a private drive on the west side. Each unit will have two covered parking spaces in the attached garage. Guest parking is also included and will include six (6) parallel parking spaces along the western property boundary and two perpendicular spaces at the southern property boundary; two additional perpendicular parking spaces, including one handicap space, will also be provided in the southeastern corner of the site at the terminus of the alley. Please click here for initial study.

HQT - Schaner Ranch (Kraemer Boulevard and Morse Avenues)
This is a 7.92 acre mostly vacant parcel.  The site is a former working farm and is now owned by HQT Properties.  The developer has proposed medium density residential development.  While the most recent proposal was for 112 homes (50 paired homes, 50 townhomes, and 12 flats over commercial) the developer is currently conducting community outreach in order to address several concerns.  At this time, the City does not have a formal application and the developer has not submitted a new project site plan.  A Frequently Asked Question (FAQ) information sheet has been prepared.  Please click here for the FAQ.  On January 8, 2013 a Study Session for the proposed project was held with the Placentia Planning Commission.  To watch that meeting on YouTube, please click here (full running time 1hr 11min).  For more information on the developer, please visit (update 6/24/13)

Olson Urban LLC - 1049 Golden Avenue
This is a 2.68 acre parcel that is zoned high density (R-3) and currently contains one home.  The developer proposed 33 detached and paired single family homes at a density of 12.3 units/acre.  The Planning Commission approved the recommendation of the Tentative Tract Map and Development Agreement on March 12, 2013 and the City Council adopted the Development Agreement on May 21, 2013.  The Development Agreement becomes effective 30 days thereafter.  The original City Council agenda item can be found here (Warning: Large File Size).  For more information on the developer, please visit

Shapell Homes - Alta Vista east of Rose
This is a 11.3 acre site that was originally approved and entitled in 1998 as a 62 unit single family residence (R-1) tract.  The site has sat vacant with the exception of ongoing oil production on portions of the site.  Shapell Homes has contacted the City to begin the process of re-approving a medium density project consisting of small lot detached single family homes; however, at this time no specific application has been submitted and no further information is available.  For more informatin on the developer, please visit

OCTA Grade Separation Project (OC Bridges Project)
While not a project processed through the City of Placentia, this large scale project has city-wide affect.  For more information please visit

Rose & Alta Vista Vacant Commercial Property
This is a 8.43 acre vacant parcel on the southeast corner of Rose Drive and Alta Vista Street that is zoned commercial.  This is not a residential zoned property.  At this time there are no commercial development plans for the property submitted to the City.  For commercial development opportunity, please contact the City at (714) 993-8242 and the City will provide your information to the property owner.

Downtown Metrolink Station and Parking Structure
Please click here to find additional information on this important development project.

Zoning Amendment 2013-02
The City has initiated an amendment to the City's Zoning Code to allow for outdoor advertising along the 57 Freeway corridor within close proximity to the freeway and under the tight guidelines of applicable State and Federal law regarding such advertising.  Per the proposed ordinance, any proposed location must be processed through a Development Agreement which requires both Planning Commission and City Council review and approval.  An environmental Initial Study and Mitigated Negative Declaration (IS/MND) are being processed for this amendment.  A community meeting is scheduled for July 10, 2013 at the Whitten Center at 7 pm.   Click here for more information. (update 6/24/13)

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