Trash, Recycling, and Organics

The City of Placentia and Republic Services strives to provide a wide range of solid waste services. Through a contract with the City, Republic Services provides weekly residential, multi-family, and commercial waste collection services. To view and learn more about the current rates for service, please click here

Additional services available to residents and business owners include: 

  • Bulky Item Collection - Large household items that cannot fit into containers are available for residential and commercial customers. Republic Services offers single-family residents three (3) FREE curbside bulky item collections per year (up to 10 items per pickup).  These services are available to multi-family residents and commercial customers for a fee of $51.13 per pick-up of two (2) items. (Please note: there is an added charge for pickup of air conditioners and refrigerators due to the special handling requirements of Freon.) 
  • To schedule a bulky item pickup, please call Republic Services at (714) 238-3300. 
  • Unacceptable items are: 
    1. Animal carcasses
    2. Asbestos
    3. Ash 
    4. Automobiles or car parts
    5. Biohazardous medical waste
    6. Camper shells, cast iron bathtubs
    7. Chemical and/or petroleum waste
    8. Compressed cylinders
    9. Construction and demolition debris
    10. Drums
    11. Tanks, kegs, and barrels (plastic and metal
    12. Fats oils and grease (FOG)
    13. Fencing
    14. Sheds
    15. Gazebos
    16. Paint
    17. Mattresses with bed bugs
    18. Medical beds
    19. Medical sharps
    20. Piano
    21. Propane tanks
    22. Radioactive material
    23. Riding lawnmower
    24. Shingles
    25. Roofing materials
    26. Soil, rocks, grubbing materials
    27. Spoils,
    28. Spas 
  • Container Exchange - Containers that have graffiti, are damaged, or are worn out can be exchanged.  There is one (1) complimentary cart replacement per year. Additional cart replacements will result in additional fees. 
  • Container Rentals - Three-yard to 30-yard rental containers are available for residential cleanups and removal of construction debris. 
  • Extra Trash Service - Extra weekly pickups are available for a nominal fee,

For these services or for further information, please contact the Republic Services Customer Service team at (714) 238-3300  or visit the Republic Services page for the City of Placentia.