Community Services

Community Events Happening in the Park


The Community Services Department's primary roles are to manage and coordinate the delivery of recreation services and cultural arts programs to the community. To achieve this end, the Department serves as liaison to the Recreation and Parks Commission, Cultural Arts Commission, Heritage Festival Committee, Chamber of Commerce/Santa Fe Merchants Association, Sports Advisory Committee, Veterans Advisory Committee, Placentia Community Chorus, and the Senior Citizens Advisory Committee. The purpose of each division is detailed below:

Recreational Services Division

Provides educational, recreational and leisure opportunities for the residents of the community by coordinating,planning and implementing after-school activities for youth and teens, providing classes for all ages, sports programs for youths and adults, and community wide special events. The Division works closely with the School District and several community organizations to plan programs, events, and services in a cost effective manner while at the same time avoiding duplication of services. Major community wide events include the Heritage Festival and Parade and Movies in the Park. The Division manages reservations for City Buildings and picnic shelters as well as schedules, processes, and coordinates athletic field permits and operations for athletic fields in the City. The Division is also responsible for the preparation and publication of the City's newsletter, The Palm Quarterly. 

Cultural Arts Division

Coordinates the implementation of cultural and fine arts activities, events, and projects throughout the community. Special programs provided include the Photography Contest, Cultural Arts Projects for Every Student (CAPES) Scholarship Program, and the annual Winter Holidays Celebration. The Division's most high profile and successful activity is the Summer Concerts in the Parks series. The series is held at Tri-City Park on a weekly basis during the months of July and August. The Recreation Division serves as liaison to the Cultural Arts Commission who provides direction and programming assistance to insure the programs ultimate success.

Staff Services

The Department provides staff services to various Committees and Commissions as well as many city-wide special events.