Quiet Zone Update

Silencing Train Whistles

The Placentia Quiet Zone, the first in Orange County and one of only a few in the nation, officially went into operation on August 18, 2007. The City has worked since April 1, 2001, to accomplish the goal of silencing train whistles.

All trains are prohibited from using horns in the quiet zone unless an engineer feels an emergency exists that threatens human or animal injury or property damage.

Track Safety

It is very important to stay clear of the railroad right of way. Never use tracks as a path or walkway. Not only will this cause the engineer to blow the horn, but it is dangerous and illegal.

When pulling up to a railroad crossing, do not drive all the way up to the crossing gates. You are required to stop and wait at the "Stop Here" signs, or you will receive a traffic ticket. An engineer that observes vehicles pulled all the way up to the crossing gate will blow the horn to warn motorists of their approach.


The Quiet Zone extends from Kraemer to Kellogg. Placentia Avenue to the west of the City is not currently included in the Quiet Zone. Placentia Avenue has been evaluated for supplemental safety measures with the intention to add this intersection to the current Quiet Zone in the future.

The City of Placentia will be working with the Orange County Transportation Authority (OCTA) and the City of Fullerton to review the best options for this crossing. Placentia Avenue is also under consideration for a future grade separation project.

Orange / Olive Sub-Division Railroad Line

The Orange / Olive sub-division railroad line is located to the east end of the City near Van Buren. This railroad line is not located within the Quiet Zone. Fortunately, it is not used significantly; however, train horns are required to be used along this line at railroad and street intersections.

Trains will sound their horns along this line at Jefferson intersections, which are located in Anaheim, Mira Loma, Tustin, and La Palma. The City of Placentia is working with OCTA and the City of Anaheim for other alternatives to using train horns along this line.