Stormwater Program

The City of Placentia implements a comprehensive stormwater program as required by the federal Clean Water Act. The program is designed to reach residents and businesses in the city with the overall goal of reducing stormwater pollutants that enter the storm drain system and minimizing potential water quality impacts to nearby creeks, channels, and rivers.

Improving Stormwater Quality

The ocean begins at your front door. Even if you live miles from the Pacific Ocean, you may be polluting it without knowing it. To help prevent water contamination, the City of Placentia has two drainage systems: sanitary sewers and storm drains.

The storm drain system is designed to prevent flooding by carrying excess rainwater away from streets; it is not designed to be a waste disposal system. Unlike the sewer system, which carries water from your indoor drains to wastewater treatment plants, the storm drain system releases untreated water into channels, rivers, and ultimately the ocean.

Save water logoPromoting Awareness

The City of Placentia would like to remind you not to trash where you splash. During rain events, trash and debris in City streets flow directly to the ocean. Please keep our waterways and oceans clean. For more information, visit the County's website on stormwater pollution prevention,

Runoff from homes and businesses may contain water pollution that has harmful effects on downstream creeks, rivers, bays, and the ocean, which can impair recreational use and wildlife habitat. You can help control water contamination by being aware of the sources and the activities that contribute to stormwater pollution. 

A little water from rain or a garden hose can carry automotive and household toxic materials through the storm drain to the flood control channel and eventually the ocean. Urban pollutants that can wind up in the street include:

  • Cleaners
  • Construction debris
  • Oil and other automotive fluids
  • Paint
  • Pesticides and fertilizers
  • Yard and pet wastes

Learn more about common storm drain pollutants and pollution prevention tips.

Reporting and Enforcement

Stormwater regulations are codified with the City's Municipal Code Title 16 Chapter 16.20. Any person who violates water quality regulations is subject to enforcement as specified in Chapter 16.20.  In a situation where you observe a discharge that you are uncertain about, but should probably be investigated, there are several points for reporting:        


For all emergencies, dial 911.

Non-Hazardous Issue

If you observe a non-hazardous discharge during normal business hours, please contact the Public Works Department at (714) 993-8131. If you observe discharges into the storm drains during non-business hours, please call (714) 993-8164.   

Stormwater Hotline

As an alternative, the County of Orange also has a water pollution reporting hotline available 24 hours a day to report illegal dumping, illegal discharges into storm drains, or pollution spills. Please call 877-89-SPILL or report online at, 


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