Placentia Certified Farmers Market

Farmers Market

Inspiring healthy, wholesome and abundant living

When: Every Tuesday
4 PM to 8 PM

Where: Placentia Town Center
130 E Yorba Linda Boulevard

Placentia, CA 92870

Now Accepting EBT

Farmers Story

Remember the days when fresh produce and homemade goods were the norm? If not, ask your grandma or grandpa and they will tell you about the days when rambling orange groves and local farms dotted the landscape of Placentia. When people made their own household items instead of generic store bought items. When "community" meant more than just the local civic center. It stood for vibrant neighborhoods and a high quality of life.

Visit Placentia's Farmers Market

Our Certified Farmers Market is open every Tuesday afternoon from 4:00 p.m. to 8:00 p.m. at the Placentia Town Center located at 130 East Yorba Linda Boulevard, at the corner of Yorba Linda Boulevard and Kraemer Boulevard. The Certified Farmers Market provides approximately 30 unique and exciting vendors to the Placentia Town Center.

Free Shuttle Service

A free shuttle bus to and from the Placentia Certified Farmers Market is now available. There are five different locations where the shuttle will be picking up and dropping off.


1Whitten Center3:45 PM4:50 PM5:50 PM6:35 PM7:35 PM8:10 PM
2Valencia High School3:55 PM5:05 PM5:55 PM6:45 PM7:45 PM8:20 PM
3Bradford Terrace4:00 PM5:10 PM6:00 PM6:50 PM7:50 PM8:25 PM
4Bradford Square4:05 PM5:15 PM6:05 PM6:55 PM7:55 PM8:30 PM

Farmers Market4:10 PM5:20 PM6:10 PM7:00 PM8:00 PM
5Emerald Isle4:15 PM5:30 PM6:20 PM7:10 PM

Farmers Market4:25 PM5:40 PM6:25 PM7:15 PM

Shuttle Service Locations (PDF)

If you have any questions, please call the Farmers Market hotline at (714) 993-8204.



  • Cali Fresh Farm
  • Lim's Apples
  • Angelos Farm
  • Bee Ladies Honey
  • Beatty Citrus Farm
  • Gini Mc Cann Violets
  • Bello Vado (Avocado Oils)
  • Organic Living Lettuce Farm
  • Gaytan Farm
  • Hopkins Ag


  • Old Town Baking Co.
  • Arizona Jack's Beef Jerky
  • Sciat Seeds
  • Zen Tea
  • Laurie's Kitchen
  • Nan's Olive Oils
  • Aris Hummus & Yogurt
  • Italian Hummus
  • Empanadas
  • The Candy Jar
  • Smace Batch Spreads
  • OC Doggie Dinners


  • California Jewelry
  • Handmade Jewelry by Liz
  • Grace Aprons
  • Millennium H2O
  • Terra Nova Soaps
  • Judy Wear
  • Allstar Outrider
  • Vivian's handmade Jewelry
  • Lorris Seasonal Woodcraft
  • Arnie Knife & Scissors Sharpening
  • Clay Flowers