Sierra Vista Plaza Shopping Center

The Sierra Vista Plaza Shopping Center is located at the southeast corner of N. Placentia Avenue and W. Bastanchury Road on an 8.17-acrelot with approximately 100,500 square feet of retail space. In June 2018, the Planning Commission approved several key projects related to this shopping center.  First, a new grocery store was approved, which will result in a 16,668 square foot Grocery Outlet coming to the center.  An expansion to the existing Crunch Fitness was also approved.  Lastly, the Planning Commission approved upgrades and a remodel of the entire center. All these projects will result in major upgrades to the center, revitalizing the shopping center, and providing additional sales tax revenue to the City. 

The upgrades are not just to the building facades.  Two outside dining areas are proposed as part of this remodel. One of the outside dining areas is adjacent to B&C Burger sand is proposed to have 8 tables and 32 chairs. The other outside dining area is adjacent to K&M donuts and is proposed to have 2 tables and 8chairs.  

Parking lot paving and landscape improvements will also be constructed as part of the shopping center remodel.  Accessibility for all patrons will be improved by adding dedicated ADA accessible crossings leading to the main buildings and there will be a total of 10 ADA accessible spaces for the center.  Four electric vehicle charging stations will be added to the center, modernizing the property significantly. 

The freestanding and wall signs for this center will be upgraded as well. The new freestanding signs will include soft backlit lights on the top that will change colors intermittently.  There will also be LED signs on the buildings, and soffit lighting included at the top of the building as part of the architectural improvements.
Sierra Vista Plaza

For more information please contact Development Services at (714) 993-8124.