Village Plaza Shopping Center

On Tuesday, July 10, 2018 the City of Placentia Planning Commission evaluated and approved a proposal to remove the now vacant 8,370-square foot former “El Torito” restaurant building located at the Village Plaza shopping center, at the southeast corner of Yorba Linda Boulevard and Kraemer Boulevard. The vacant building will be demolished and replaced by an approximately 7,000-square foot multi-tenant retail commercial building. The proposed building is designed to accommodate three fast casual restaurants with one tenant space designated for a 2,500-square foot coffee shop with a drive-through.  The building will be enhanced by incorporating Spanish style architecture which will feature such design elements as clay tile, smooth stucco finishes, and decorative metal-work along each of the building’s facades. The new building will be adjacent to the intersection of Kraemer Boulevard and Yorba Linda Boulevard. The building is intended to facilitate a strong pedestrian connection between the public right-of-way and the proposed pad building. This connection is achieved through enhanced pedestrian paths that provide direct access from the public sidewalk to the building’s storefronts and large outdoor passive seating areas. These pedestrian areas are proposed to be enhanced with decorative paving that provide a continuous boarder around the building. Seating areas will been enhanced with decorative fencing/walls, metal shade structures, decorative landscaping, and a decorative water feature within the main patio area located at the northwest corner of the building. The newly approved development project is intended to serve as the first phase of a two-phase plan to revitalize the rest of the Village Plaza shopping center. Construction for this development began in December, 2018.
El Torito Development

Please contact the Development Services Department at (714) 993-8124 for additional information.