4th District Small Business Grant Relief Program

The COVID-19 pandemic has had a significant financial impact on Placentia's local economy, with many local businesses temporarily closing, customer rates declining, and changes being made to business operations. The City of Placentia is continuing the Placentia Small Business Emergency Relief Grant Program to small businesses in Placentia needing financial assistance in overcoming the temporary loss of revenue due to COVID-19. The program is based upon the availability of the County of Orange District 4 funds, program guidelines, and submission of all required information and supporting documentation. 

Applications are due by Monday, March 1st at 5:00 pm. To view the application and apply, click here.

Grant Overview:

This Small Business Grant Relief Program will support small businesses and nonprofit organizations, within the 4th Supervisorial District, impacted by COVID-19 by providing $5,000 (flat rate, single payment) awards to qualifying applicants.

Awardees will be reimbursed for eligible expenses incurred from November 1, 2020-June 30, 2021. Business owners with multiple businesses are only eligible for one award. 

*In order to qualify, businesses or non-profit organizations must be eligible to receive federal funding.

Eligibility Requirements:

  1. Must be a for-profit business* or non-profit organization*501 (c)(3), 501 (c) (6) or 501 (c)(19) 
  2. Small businesses and non-profits must have no more than 25 employees (FTE) 
  3. Home-based businesses are eligible (home mortgage or owner’s salary are not permissible expenses) 
  4. Independent contractors and sole proprietors are eligible, however, funds cannot be used for salary, lost profit, or lost income 
  5. The main place of business must be in the City of Placentia  (verification address search link)
  6. Applicant must have and provide a DUNS number at the time of application 
  7. Applicant must be willing to attest to a statement verifying that the award was used for costs necessary due to impacts associated with COVID-19 
  8. Applicant must be willing to attest to a statement verifying they are in compliance with all local, state, and federal Covid-19 guidelines and orders.
  9. Funds can’t be used for tax revenue replacement, to pay for loans, or overtime.
  10. Must not have any existing municipal code violation(s) 

Required Documents:

  • Grant Agreement/Application Affidavit 
  • W-9 
  • ACH Form 
  • Invoices with the eligible expense(s) highlighted with a receipt to validate. Bank statements, paper receipts from a big box store, front and back of checks are all acceptable for validation. Computer generated receipts are not acceptable (i.e. QuickBooks receipt or invoice, Word document)