Enhanced Infrastructure Financing District

The City of Placentia in partnership with the County of Orange has established an Enhanced Infrastructure Financing District (EIFD) near the City’s future Metrolink Station including the Old Town Placentia area and Transit Oriented Development Packing House District. The purpose of this district is to create a funding mechanism that can facilitate the construction of public infrastructure improvements in this area.

A portion of the property tax increment (the amount above the property taxes collected in the base year of 2019) that the City of Placentia and the County of Orange receive would be specifically restricted to pay for the infrastructure projects listed in the Infrastructure Financing Plan (IFP) at an estimated cost of $8.2 million. These infrastructure improvements include street improvements, pedestrian connectivity, and landscape and lighting upgrades. The establishment of the EIFD will not result in any new taxes or fees to the property owners in the EIFD boundaries or the City.

The City Council has established a separate body, the Public Financing Authority (PFA), to oversee the creation of the EIFD and who is responsible for the adoption of the final IFP. The PFA will be responsible for the issuance of the bonds in the future as well.

Documents related to Placentia Enhanced Infrastructure Financing District are provided below.

Documents and information pertaining to the Public Financing Authority's Meeting on July 30, 2019 can be viewed by clicking here.

Should you have questions about Placentia EIFD, you may contact Assistant to the City Administrator Jeannette Ortega at (714) 993-8264 or by email at jortega@placentia.org.

EIFD Boundaries