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The City of Placentia has one unincorporated County island surrounded by the municipal boundaries of the City. This unincorporated area is commonly referred to as Hamer Island and is comprised of 75 acres, 303 single-family homes, and 1,045 county residents. Orange County has determined that municipalities are generally more effective providers of daily programs and services and has requested that the City of Placentia annex Hamer Island into its municipal boundaries. The Orange County Local Agency Formation Commission (OC LAFCO) is responsible for assisting counties and cities in annexing adjacent unincorporated islands.

Benefits from Annexation

There are several benefits residents in the annexation area would enjoy:

  • Good Governance: Easy access to local elected and appointed officials - Placentia City Hall is located less than 3 miles away 
  • Efficient and responsive local government service delivery for residents
  • Faster emergency response times and public safety services
  • Eliminates confusion and/or disagreement over which entity (City or County) provides service to Island residents
  • Local control and greater accountability for Island residents over the quality of services
  • Local property tax dollars spent locally

Annexation Process

California law (Government Code Section 56375.3) allows Cities to annex islands through a process that does not require protest proceedings or elections, provided the island meets specific criteria and is 150 acres or less in size. Hamer Island meets this requirement as it is 75 acres in size.

As a regional service provider, the County is responsible for key core business areas including aviation, environmental protection, public assistance, public health, public safety, regional planning, regional parks, and social services. It is the County and OC LAFCO’s mission to assist cities in annexing county incorporated land into their communities.

The County, OC LAFCO, and the City are planning two community meetings with Hamer Island residents to discuss the potential for annexing the Hamer Island area in Placentia. Please see the dates below for the community workshops.

Since 2000, OC LAFCO has successfully collaborated with the County and 14 cities to transition over 70 unincorporated county islands to cities.

Interactive Map

To determine if your residence is within the boundaries of Hamer Island, please click on the link below and enter your home address.

Interactive Map

Proposed Timeline

August 18, 2021 at 6:00 p.m.Community Meeting at the Aguirre Building/Champion Sports Park
August 25, 2021 at 6:00 p.m.Community Meeting at the Aguirre Building/Champion Sports Park
February 15, 2022City Council Meeting to consider adopting Resolution initiating annexation application to OC LAFCO
March 2022City Council Meeting for consideration of City/County Agreement
April, 2022County Board of Supervisor Meeting for consideration of City/County Agreement
June, 2022OC LAFCO Public Hearing to consider approval of City's annexation application
July, 2022Hamer Island officially becomes a part of the City of Placentia

February 15, 2022 City Council Meeting

City Staff will be presenting a resolution for potential annexation of Hamer Island into the City of Placentia to the City Council for its review and consideration. The meeting will take place on Tuesday, February 15, 2022 at 7:00 p.m. in the Council Chamber, located at 401 E. Chapman Avenue. At this time, the public will be provided an opportunity to speak to the City Council regarding this matter. As with any entity, the City will need to conform with all State and County COVID-19 safety protocols.


Due to these protocols, occupancy within the Council Chamber will be somewhat limited to ensure appropriate social distancing. Chairs for the public have been spaced out and marked accordingly. Should the Chamber exceed its occupancy under these safety protocols, the City has set up its Front Community Meeting Room to be available for additional seating and to view the proceedings live on television. All members of the public wishing to speak to the Council will be required to wear a face covering before entering the Chamber. For individuals who are in the Front Community Meeting Room, the City Clerk will call your name and you will be able to enter the Chamber to address the Council at the podium. Alternatively, members of the public may provide public comments in writing via email to the City Clerk at cityclerk@placentia.org. Please limit submitted comments to 200 words or less. Comments received before or during a Council meeting, until the close of the Oral Communications portion of the agenda, may not be read during the City Council meeting but will be summarized in the public record and are subject to the regular time limitations per speaker. Longer submittals will be included within the public record.


Thank you again for your continued participation and feedback throughout this potential annexation process. We greatly value the input we received during the community meetings as well as the continued feedback the City is receiving as it considers this important endeavor.  


Should you have any additional questions in the meantime, please feel free to respond to this email or visit our website at www.placentia.org/hamerisland for the latest updates. You can also call Director of Development Services, Mr. Joseph Lambert, at (714) 993-8234.

Reports and Presentations

To view the agenda reports and corresponding presentations regarding Hamer Island, please visit the following links.

DateAgencyMeeting DescriptionPresentation
July 6, 2021City of PlacentiaStudy Session: Potential Annexation of County Unincorporated "Hamer Island"Presentation
August 18, 2021City of Placentia, County of Orange, and OC LAFCOCommunity Meeting: Potential Annexation of County Unincorporated "Hamer Island"Presentation
August 25, 2021City of Placentia, County of Orange, and OC LAFCOCommunity Meeting: Potential Annexation of County Unincorporated "Hamer Island"Presentation
February 15, 2021City of PlacentiaCity Council Meeting to Consider Adopting Resolution Initiating Annexation Application to OC LAFCO

Frequently Asked Questions

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For additional information regarding the proposed Hamer Island annexation, please call Director of Development Services, Joseph Lambert at (714) 993-8234 or via email at hamerisland@placentia.org.