Additional Project Facts

California Trade and Transportation

More than a third of America's international trade cargo flows through California, and a fourth of America's trade goes through the ports of Long Beach and Los Angeles.

Orangethorpe Corridor Project

Since the container traffic at these ports will double before the year 2020, the impacted cities, the Orange County Transportation Authority, and the State of California, recognizing the national significance of this trade corridor, have provided $40 million in initial funding for the Orangethorpe Corridor project.

In July 2005, our congressional representatives secured $37.7 million in additional project funding in the federal transportation bill. In addition, this rail corridor is now defined in federal law as a "National Priority Project."

Local Economic Expansion

More than 4,000 construction jobs and $7.7 million in tax revenues will be created by the construction of the grade-separation project.

The corridor is supported by and is consistent with the: