Fee Schedule

Comprehensive User Fee Schedule

The City of Placentia is responsible for providing a variety of services to its citizens. Services that support the general public, such as public safety services, are supported by tax and other non-fee revenues, while services that are more elective in nature and have specific individual beneficiaries are typically supported by user fee charges.

By law, user fees must not exceed the cost of the service provided. The City Council can choose to set fees that fully recover the cost of service or place said fees at lower levels that provide a level of subsidy, or alternatively, reduce costs by reducing the level of service.

In 2017, the City of Placentia undertook a comprehensive review of all City fees. The User Fee Study was performed by Revenue and Cost Specialists, LLC to determine the cost of providing each service. The cost is based on the fully burdened hourly rates for personnel directly involved in providing a service. The fees, for the most part, are set at the total cost of each service provided. The City Council deemed certain services to be of public benefit and therefore approved those fees at levels less than the total cost of providing those services. This comprehensive fee schedule represents the Council-adopted fees for Placentia.

Adopted: April 18, 2023 per Resolution No. R-2023-23

Effective: July 01, 2023

Development Impact Fees (DIFs)

The City imposes development impact fees on development projects to lessen the impact to public services, infrastructure and facilities. Impact fees are assessed by the Planning Division.

DIFs are subject to change and are updated periodically by the City Council. Projects that may have potential infrastructure and level of service impacts above and beyond those contemplated by the adopted DIFs may be subject to additional or supplemental DIFs and/or alternate fees based on further study as required and/or conditioned by an entitlement review or approval and/or Development Agreement.