Electric Vehicle Charging Guidelines

In compliance with AB1236, all Electric Vehicle Charging Stations (EVCS) permit applications with be reviewed in an expedited manner.
1. Permit Requirements
     a) Building permit
     b) A grading permit may be required for installation in a parking lot where EVCS may have an impact on parking and accessibility.
2. Submittal Requirements
     a) Completed permit application
     b) For EVCS installation inside of an attached or detached garage of a residential building, complete all information required on the Electric Vehicle Charging System Guidelines (Residential) form.
      c) For EVCS installation in a parking lot, an electrical plan with a single-line diagram, load calculations, and a site plan are required. Accessibility                        information may be required and may necessitate the need of a grading plan.
3. Plan Review
     a) Permit applications may be submitted to the Development Services Department in-person or electronically by emailing Nicole Giles                                         (ngiles@placentia.org).

*Please note: Approved permit applications will need to be picked up in-person at Placentia City Hall.