Fire Plan Submittals

As of July 1st of 2020 the City of Placentia's Development Services Department has taken over all fire-related plan checks and permitting. Please follow the directions below to submit your plans. For additional information call (714) 993-8124.
For Digital Submittals:
  1. Download the Fire Plan Check Application and fill out the form with the relevant information.
  2. For pricing you may refer to our Fire Plan Check Fee Schedule.
  3. Send your completed application and digital plans in PDF format to Development Services Department:
  4. To pay for plan check you may pay with credit card using the Credit Card Authorization Form or by sending in a check to City Hall. Please note that the plans will only be routed for plan check once payment has been received.
  5. Once the plans have been reviewed and approved you will received a digitally stamped set through email.