Commercial Trash, Recycling, and Organics

Republic Services is the franchise waste hauler for the City of Placentia. For service inquiries, please contact Republic Services at (714) 238-3300. To view the complete rate schedule, please click here.

PLEASE NOTE: If you request an additional receptacle or replacement, it may look different. The color change is a State-mandated requirement. Please read the label on the receptacle and/or review the guide below. If you have any questions or concerns with this transition, please contact Elsa Robinson, Senior Management Analyst at (714) 993-8189.Commercial WGW

Materials Required for Organics Diversion 

Businesses generating either: a) 2 cubic yards or more of commercial solid waste and 20 gallons or more of organic waste per week, OR b) less than 2 cubic yards of commercial solid waste and 10 gallons or more of organic waste per week are required to divert organic materials for SB 1383 compliance.

  • Edible Food - Donations
    • Businesses that are able to donate surplus food are recommended to do so. To learn more about starting a food donation program, please visit CalRecycle's Food Donor page or contact Abound Food Care at (657) 335-4480.
    • Businesses that fall into Tier 1 or 2 "Commercial Edible Food Generator" are required to implement a food recovery program with an established written contract or agreement between the business and food recovery organization/service. Recordkeeping with the following information will need to be in place: 
      • Name, address, and contact information of the service or organization
      • Types of food that will be collected or self-hauled to the service or organization
      • The established frequency that food will be collected or self-hauled
      • Quantity of food collected or self-hauled to a service or organization for food recovery (per month and measured in pounds) 
  • Food Scraps & Food-Soiled Paper
    • Republic Services offers food waste recycling services to divert food no longer fit for consumption. To implement a food waste recycling program, please contact their Customer Service team at (714) 238-3300. 
    • In some organizations, back-hauling is a way to divert food scraps. This is the process of sending materials to a centralized location for onsite processing, or transfer to a different facility. Inquire with your management team to see if this is available for your business. 
  • Green Waste
    • Businesses utilizing a landscaping company for green waste services need to inform the landscaping company of current State requirements and advise them to divert green waste from the landfill. Green waste should not be disposed of in the trash container. 
    • Self-haul green waste to a composting facility. Documentation is required for proof of diversion. 
  • Cardboard and Other Paper Products
    • Republic Services offers recycling services for businesses to divert clean cardboard and other clean paper products. Non-organic recyclables such as aluminum, plastic bottles, plastic jugs, and glass are also accepted in the recycling receptacle. To set up a recycling service, please contact Republic Services at (714) 238-3300.
    • Self-haul cardboard (and other recyclables) to a participating recycling facility. Documentation (such as weight tickets/receipts) is required for proof of diversion. 

Compliance Requirements

In addition to implementing recycling services, property management and/or business owners must perform the following: 

  • Annually educate employees, contractors, customers, and tenants on how to properly sort recyclables and organic waste in the correct bins
  • Provide information to new tenants within 14 days of occupation
  • Periodically inspect recycling and organics bins for contamination and inform employees if bins are contaminated
  • Provide trash, recycling, and organics containers that are accurately colored and labeled, and available for employee's and customers' use

Additional Resources

Here is a brief guide designed to assist businesses with understanding state recycling mandates. For more information about each law, please visit the following pages:

Compliance Support

If you would like assistance with state recycling mandates or have any waste-related questions/concerns, please contact Elsa Robinson, Senior Management Analyst at (714) 993-8189.