Recreational Vehicle Parking

Recreational vehicleTypes of Recreational Vehicles

Recreational vehicles (RVs) are identified as motor homes, campers mounted on truck bodies, and any other recreational vehicles that are self-propelled.

Recreational apparatus such as trailers, boats, camper units, and other apparatus that must be hooked up to a vehicle to move are currently prohibited in front yard setbacks.

Parking Restrictions

In 2023, the City Council revised the existing ordinance that outlines where residents may park RVs.

These vehicles may be parked in front yard setbacks if they:

  • Are either on an approved driveway or on an improved concrete surface between the edge of the driveway and the nearest side property line
  • Are operable and have the current year's registration
  • Do not adversely affect traffic safety
  • Do not have people living in them
  • Do not project into the public right of way
  • Have access to the space via a city-approved driveway approach along the street frontage

For More Information

If someone wants to park a recreational vehicle anywhere else, it will require a special use permit approval. For more information, please contact the Planning Commission at (714) 993-8165.