Graffiti Removal

What Property Owners Need to Know 

Graffiti causes blight in our community resulting in a genuine threat to the quality of life, incalculable economic losses to businesses, and can lead to the general deterioration of the area in which you live or work. The eradication of graffiti is a huge drain on the City's resources in both cost and manpower.

As of November 1, 2012, the City will no longer provide free unlimited graffiti removal for private property owners. Although the City will continue to remove graffiti from public property including parks, bridges, street signs and other public structures and buildings, private property owners - both residential and commercial - are now responsible for removing graffiti from their property.

Failure to remove graffiti in a timely manner encourages more graffiti and constitutes a public nuisance, which will result in issuance of an Administrative Citation, followed by the removal of the graffiti by the City at the property owner's expense. The grace period between notification and the graffiti removal is five days.

What Can I Do?

As the property owner or occupant, it is your responsibility to remove any graffiti from your property. City ordinances are not intended to punish victims but to ensure that neighborhood safety, beauty, and property values are maintained.

If you notice graffiti on city property, please call our graffiti hotline at (714) 993-8279.

Do your part. It is frustrating, time consuming, and disheartening to clean graffiti (especially more than once), but it is an essential element to an effective anti-graffiti strategy. The faster and more consistently graffiti is removed the more it signifies that an area is being monitored and cared for. It will take a community response to address this problem successfully. Keep Placentia a "Pleasant Place" and do your part to remove graffiti from your property.