Code Enforcement

What is Code Enforcement?

The Code Enforcement division's key objective is maintaining and preserving value and appearance in residential, commercial, and industrial properties throughout the City. The Placentia Municipal Code (PMC) contains development and property maintenance standards and staff draw upon the City Council adopted California or International Residential and Building Codes for further assistance to protect the livability of the City. Listed below are some of the items handled by our Code Enforcement Division representatives:

  • Garage conversions
  • Garage sales / signage
  • Illegal business activity
  • Inoperable vehicles on private property
  • Property maintenance; weeds / dry brush
  • Recreation vehicles parking on private property
  • Substandard housing
  • Trash container placement, time, and location
  • Regulation of massage establishments
  • Public Nuisance Conditions as described by PMC Chapter 8.06

Code Compliance efforts are focused on property maintenance practices and standards so as to avoid conditions which can be detrimental to the public health, safety, or general welfare. Please feel free to contact our code representative at (714) 993-8165.

I got a Notice of Violation, what do I do now?

The City emphasizes compliance with municipal codes before seeking to use enforcement. Depending on the violation, the City will send a Courtesy Notice to the property owner detailing the violation and providing time to correct the violation. If no contact is received from the property owner, Staff will re-inspect the property to ensure compliance has been attained. In the case that it has not been resolved, an Administrative Citation is issued to the party in the amount of $100 for each violation. A second citation is issued at $200 per violation if there is a failure to comply. This process is repeated and if non-compliance still exists, a third citation is issued in the amount of $500 per violation. After the third citation, Staff forwards the matter to the City Attorney's Office for review to determine if a civil or criminal case will be filed.