City Solid Waste Rates 


The City has a franchise agreement (Agreement) with Republic Services (Republic) to provide refuse, recycling, and green waste collection for all City residents and commercial/multifamily customers, which is effective July 20, 2010, and expires on November 19, 2037. Residential accounts are billed and collected by the City via an annual property tax assessment. Commercial business accounts and any additional services are serviced and billed directly by Republic on a monthly basis. The amount that Republic charges to provide these services in the City is pursuant to the terms of the Agreement. The Agreement with Republic allows for adjustments based on costs associated with the collection, handling, and disposal of solid waste. The agreement allows for annual increases based on the Los Angeles-Long Beach-Anaheim area Consumer Price Index (CPI) and landfill disposal fees under the Waste Disposal Agreement with the County of Orange. The annual increases are effective July 1 of each calendar year.

Rate Adjustment Process for Fiscal Year (FY) 2021-22

The City Council will hold a Public Hearing on Tuesday, July 6, 2021, to consider the proposed solid waste collection rates for FY 2021-22.  On Friday, May 21st, the City mailed notice to all single-family residential customers in Placentia accordingly with Proposition 218 and Article XIIID of the California Constitution. A copy of the notification can be found here. Proposition 218 process ensures that the public is notified of certain types of rate increases and provides an opportunity to protest rate changes.  Although the City Council will consider all comments, State law provides that only written protests from property owners may be counted to determine whether a majority protest to the proposed increase exists. The method to protest is outlined in the mailed notice. 

Background Documents

Adopted Rates for FY 2021-22

For FY 2021-22, the current rates for solid waste services were adjusted from FY 2020-21 pursuant to the terms of the Agreement to reflect the following adjustments: (1) the Consumer Price Index, (2) landfill tipping fees, and (3) extraordinary or unexpected costs. The change in CPI from January 2020  to January 2021 was 0.9% and the increase of the disposal fees charged by the county increased by 1.17%. 

The following tables show the adopted FY 2021-22 solid waste collection service rates for the common levels of service for single-family residential and commercial/multifamily customers. These rates became effective July 1, 2021, and are valid through June 30, 2022.  To view the complete adopted rate schedule for FY 2021-22 please click here. 

Single-Family Residential Rate for Standard 3-Cart Service

The single-family residential rates for FY 2020-21 included initial costs for the implementation of a residential green waste compost program per State law, Assembly Bill (AB) 1594. For FY 2021-22, these initial costs are not included in the residential rate and as result the adopted rates for FY 2021-22 amount to a decrease when compared to the rates for FY 2020-21. 

Previous Monthly Rate
FY 2020-21
FY 2020-21 Annual AssessmentCurrent Monthly Rate
FY 2021-22
Current   Annual Rate  AssessmentRate Change per Month/Year
Calculation for  Proposed Rate
Rate Component
Base Service Fee$22.95
Green Waste Composting Fee
CPI Adjustment of 0.9%
(January 2021 over January 2020)
Current Landfill Disposal Fee$3.34
Landfill Disposal Fee Adjustment of 1.17%$0.04
City Refuse & Recycling Coordinator Fee $0.30
Total Proposed Rate$28.81

Commercial/Multifamily Waste Rates  (1 pickup/week)

Waste RatePrevious Monthly Rate
FY 2020-21
Adopted Montly Rate
FY 2021-22
Rate Change per Month 
3-Yard Trash Container$182.51$185.68$3.17/1.74%
3-Yard Recycle Container $156.02$158.87$2.85/1.82%
2-Yard Organics Container$142.40$144.90$2.50/1.75%
Calculation for  Proposed Rates
Rate Component3-Yard Trash Container3-Yard Recycle Container2-Yard Organics Container
Base Service Fee$151.18$151.18$124.57
CPI Adjustment of 0.9%
(January 2021 over January 2020)
Current Landfill Disposal Fee$26.46N/A$17.45
Landfill Disposal Fee Adjustment of 1.76%$0.31N/A$0.21
Organics Recycling Component Adjustment of 0.16%$0.29$0.22$0.23

City Refuse & Recycling Coordinator Fee$1.43$1.43$1.15
Total Proposed Rate$185.68$158.87$144.90

Who do I contact for questions or additional information?

The City is committed to fully explaining the proposed rate increases and complexities of trash disposal, recycling, and related State mandated regulations to the public. The solid waste service program is managed by the Public Works Department. A staff member on the City’s team is available to answer your questions via email or a phone call. Please contact Elsa Robinson, Management Analyst at or (714) 993-8189.